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sushi with your poochie photos are up!

Hey everyone! You’ve waited long and hard, and they’re finally here – Sushi With Your Poochie photos! Here’s some of my faves from the first night (the not-rained-out one) and I plan to post the second night (the rain-date-one) tomorrow. You can check out the galleries here, just in case you missed the Sidewalk Dog post. The beneficiary this time around was Animal Folks MN, a nonprofit animal protection organization. They are working hard to pass breeder regulation laws in Minnesota. There’s a lot of really eye-opening information on their website, so be sure to check them out.

The fashionable bandanas were courtesy of our friends at Pampered Pooch and Bubbly Paws, and this first image is their greeter/mascot/manager/treat monger, Roxy! This pretty girl has been photographed by numerous pet photographer colleagues around town… she’s very famous.


Complimentary doggie sushi was specially made and served by our hosts, Tiger Sushi 2 in Uptown, and the pups LOVED it.


It got a little chilly that night….undefinedDo you remember Chewie from our session last year? She very much enjoyed the Sojos pushups made by always innovative, always awesome Bone Adventure.undefinedundefinedundefined


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