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march rescue of the month :: red lake rosie’s rescue

“The health of a nation can be determined by how it cares for its animals”

I’m proud to be donating 10% of all Pet Session fees in March to Red Lake Rosie. The Red Lake Indian Reservation is located in north central Minnesota in portions of Clearwater and Beltrami Counties. The Red Lake Tribe has land holdings of 837,736 acres which is about the size of the State of Rhode Island. Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, Inc. began in 2004 by a group of volunteers on the Red Lake Reservation in northwestern Minnesota who were concerned about domestic animals and their care in their nation. According to oral tradition the Ojibwe, the Anishinabe had a very special connection to maheengun, or the wolf. Original man walked across the North American continent long ago with maheengun by his side. After their journey together as brothers, they parted their ways. What would happen to the wolf would surely happen to the Anishinabe. The Anishinabe were always to regard the ancestor of the wolf, animoosh or dog as a friend. Red Lake Rosie reminds the Anishinabe to keep their covenant with maheengun.

RLRR works with many rescues and shelters here in the Twin Cities to get the animals healthy and adopted. To date, RLRR has rehomed over 2,000 animals. You can read more about the wonderful work these people are doing, and the dogs and cats they are helping on the RLRR Blog.

Local vets and shelters are holding a spay/neuter clinic in Red Lake from March 11th-13th, and I’m very excited to be going along! I’ll be documenting the clinic, the animals, and the RLRR shelter, and helping out where I can. These clinics are held a few times each year, giving the Red Lake residents’ animals vaccinations and spay/neuters, and hopefully educating people about caring for their pets. Look for this very special photo project on my blog towards the end of March.

If you have ever adopted a RLRR animal, you can get $25 off your next session with Sarah Beth Photography. If you adopt during the month of March, you’ll receive 50% off your session! Please contact me for more details.

I had the pleasure of meeting RLRR dogs, Teddy and Orlando, at the studio last week. This is Teddy, a happy-go-lucky little wookie.

And this BIG handsome boy is Orlando. He was pretty nervous about the studio, but warmed up to me quickly. I definitely felt a connection with him, and with some work on his confidence, I know he’ll make an amazing addition to the right family!

RLRR is always in need of people to transport animals down to the Twin Cities, for people to foster, to adopt, and of course to give tax deductible donations. They are a volunteer organization with many needs for food, blankets, portable pet carriers/crates, wire kennels for temporary shelter, dog houses, straw and cedar chips for bedding, food, medicine, and veterinarian fees.

If you’d like more information on how you can help Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, please email animalrescue@redlakerosie.org


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